TNACIC Pricnpal (Andrew Manning)

Africa’s most innovative schools. TNACIC is a co‐educational, non‐denominational international college, which offers multiple learning programmes to prepare students for the college or university of their choice, anywhere in the world. To that end, we utilize the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

We have also partnered with Alliance Française to prepare students for the Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) examination, allowing students to apply to any university in the Francophone world. In addition, we have an academic track for those wishing to take the WAEC and SSCE, as well as an immersion program in Arabic, for those who may wish to matriculate in the Middle East and other Arab speaking countries.

It is our commitment that young people in our care will grow as unique individuals and have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our motto, Learning for Life, means we will not limit ourselves to the pursuit of academic excellence. Far from it; we offer a holistic approach that allows students to pursue their intellectual, artistic, technological, and strong passions. We strive to not only position students to be economically viable in the 21st-century marketplace but to also give students the ‘growth mindset’ to chart their own course as to lead lives of meaning.

Central to this commitment, is the realization that the secondary school years are among the most transformative years in one’s life, filled alternatively with joy and trepidation, especially for those away from home for the first time. We know a strong self‑concept can help navigate these challenging years. While it is a popular notion of schools to promote  ‘self‑esteem’  in this  regard, we at TNACIC have a different approach: Rather than promote a ‘feel good’ self‑esteem, we believe in building a genuine self‑esteem; one that is a natural by‑product of competence and confidence—from successfully overcoming challenges in such a way that builds a perseverance and resiliency that will be far more useful throughout life.

To secure this foundation, we emphasise a sense of school community, based on a warm, caring environment, and positive student‑teacher relationships. When one feels they are valued in their community, as they will be at NACIC, all aspects of one’s life are enhanced. Discipline is of an excellent standard; mutual respect of persons is paramount. The end goal is self‑discipline, as we know for students to maximize their potential into adulthood, self‑discipline must be a ready and willing partner with self‑esteem.

To compliment this approach, our students will be housed two to a room in both the boys  and girls’ hostels. We are currently the only school in Nigeria to board two to a room. We are willing to make this investment as we feel it provides the best, most appropriate balance of personal space and sense of community. As part of our comprehensive security plan, each hostel will be supervised by a house parent and attached security personnel.

As much as we strive to give students a sense of belonging and a sense of school pride, we are equally driven to provide that same ethos to our teaching staff. Often overlooked, to the great detriment of schools here, as well as in the western world is an incontrovertible truth; you cannot have good learning conditions, unless you have good teaching conditions. Again, this is not simply a ‘feel‑good’ statement, but rather, a fact confirmed by educational research.

In educational circles, the concept is known as Collective Teacher Efficacy; the shared belief that teachers, through their collective actions, can positively influence student outcomes. Despite the fact that educational researchers identify this a major factor influencing student achievement, it will be rare to find any school conversant with this concept.

At NACIC, it will be an essential core value, as we are committed to using the best researched  based education methods to drive our instructional programmes. This allows us to offer the  best of all worlds. We are extremely  confident in the programmes of study we offer, because of their strong research base. As  well,  our  team  of  educational experts have experience across the  globe  in  over a half a dozen countries. This makes us uniquely positioned to support our curriculum  with the best, most up to date methods.

At the end of the day, it’s a partnership between the school, its teachers, and its parents, all for the benefit of the students. Therefore, we welcome you to The New Abuja Capital International  College and  look forward to  meeting  your  child’s  educational needs.