Our Curricullum


A curriculum is only as effective as how well it is implemented, and how well students interact with it. With that in mind, we use the following to develop effective learners at TNACIC:

  • Involvement – engaging students to take an active part in all learning activities.
  • Building – on their experiences and interests.
  • Risk-taking – encouraging students to take intellectual risks and to learn from errors.
  • Communicating – keeping the channels of communication wide open and fostering.
    collaboration and cooperation.

Aligned with international standards, the instructional programme at TNACIC consists of the core subjects of  Mathematics, English, and  Science.  Each student will also study the following subjects: Humanities, Music, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Art, ICT, and Drama. A brief overview of these courses is as follows




Academic Departments

As we seek to develop the whole person at TNACIC, students are expected to participate fully in the life of the school, contributing positively to community service projects and participating in field trips. Other extra‑curricular activities include


consists of a rich array of subjects: Politics, History, Geography, Law, Civics, Economics, and Environmental Studies.


will be both theoretical and practical, as students are taught how to engage imaginatively and intellectually with drama forms and conventions through scripted and devised performances.

Design & Technology

consists of a dynamic combination of allied 
subjects: Home Economics,  Textiles, Woodwork, Electronics  and Food Technology.

Physical Education

Develops students’ competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school.


ICT coursework will ensure students can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science at a level suitable for the future workplace, and as an active participant in the digital world,


classes will teach the language of music, its elements, and their contexts, to be applied practically through performing, composing, and appraising a variety of musical genres.


will give students the opportunity to work with traditional and new media, in order to have visual, tactics and other sensory experiences with which to communicate ideas and meanings.

Beyond the Books

NACIC colors are Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Grey. All three colors are represented on the crest, with a star at the top of the crown signifying the bright future of the students. Just below the crown is written ACIC and  towards the bottom of the crest is the motto, “Learning for Life.” The addition of the ‘’New’’ is for the purpose of rebranding the school.
Students must wear the prescribed uniform at all times during official school hours. For Physical Education and sporting activities, all students are required to wear proper games uniform.
All textbooks are supplied by TNACIC at the beginning of each academic year to be returned at the end of the academic session. There will be a certain charge if textbooks are mishandled or found to be missing. The students also have access to e‑learning resources at the IT Hub in the school or the school’s library

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