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How we Learn

A curriculum is only as effective as how well it is implemented, and how well students interact with it. With that in mind, we use the following to develop effective learners at NACIC:


  • Involvement engaging students to take an active part in all learning activities.
  • Building – on their experiences and interests.
  • Risk taking  encouraging students to take intellectual risks and to learn from errors.
  • Involvement engaging students to take an active part in all learning activities.

Aligned with international standards, the instructional program at NACIC consists of the core subjects of Mathematics, English, and Science.
Each student will also study the following subjects: Humanities, Music, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Art, ICT, and Drama. A brief overview of these courses as follows:


Apart from coursework, music is an integral part of life at TNACIC. Students can enroll as beginners and learn to play musical instruments anytime during their stay at TNACIC. Instrument choices include clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, electric bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. Students are exposed to classical, rock, jazz, and international styles of music. They also experience the fun of participating in bands, choirs, quartets, and ensembles. 


Drama is a wonderful vehicle for improving confidence, oral language, skills and cooperation, while providing an outlet for youthful energy, creativity and imagination. With our large multi‑use hall and more intimate, purpose‑built theatre, 
students will have multiple venues to engage in dramatic activities


Students will experience art beyond the classroom, as they will be given the opportunity of meeting local artists and visiting local art centers for a better understanding and appreciation of art, as well as the artists who create it.


TNACIC offers not only academic rigour, but also a comprehensive choice of sports and activities.

Life at TNACIC is an energetic‑filled experience, with sporting opportunities for all, from beginners to elite athletes. The college has participated fully in sports competitions over the years, both locally and internationally, and in the process has won numerous medals, trophies, and cups. 
Among the sports, students can participate in, both recreationally and competitively, are soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and track and field. We also have a gym with both weight training and cardiovascular equipment, to promote the habit of life long fitness.

Clubs and Societes

TNACIC students are expected to participate actively in the Clubs and Societies programmes organised in the College.  These clubs include the Mathematics Club, Information Technology Club, Sports Club, Literary and Debating club, JETS Club, Homemakers’ Club, Young Achievers Club, Music and Drama Club and the Entrepreneurs’ Club.


Students may, from time to time, be allowed to publish newsletters, magazines and other media. Such publications  must be produced under the supervision of members of staff. Every publication must be submitted to the  Principal for approval before being distributed. Copies are retained by the College for record purposes and history.

Entrepreneurial skill development

The school places huge importance of the development of entrepreneurial skills in our students. This gives them a  better understanding of being innovative, creative and independent job creators. We have a large network of alumni and other patrons with entrepreneurial experience; that we will call upon to share their wealth of knowledge through special workshops and seminars. Collectively, we will provide the blueprint for our students to become captains of industry’ even at this young stage of their lives


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